Black Widow – ebook

Paweł Pollak

Przekład „Czarnej wdowy” na j. angielski.

This e-book includes five crime stories: “Black Widow”, “The Plan of the Day”, “The Perfectionist”, “Fair Play” and “Pure Arithmetic”.

Black Widow – Kimberly Núñez has achieved her goal, she is a rich widow. She has 24 million dollars and she is thinking just about her money. But sometimes it can be sensible to think about other people, too.

The Plan of the Day – Robert Saryan alias Donovan Dones is a successful self-publisher. He has perfectly organized his days. All activities except writing are a waste of time for him. No wonder that he is angry when an old friend forces him to a meeting.

The Perfectionist – Donnie is a perfectionist. Unfortunately his marriage isn’t perfect. And there is no hope for a change.

Fair Play – New York chess championship is going on. Two players still have a chance to win the tournament.

Pure Arithmetic – The mathematics lecturer James Odonell likes numbers and women. However, the numbers don’t have any jealous boyfriends.

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